Client: Fevita Hungary Zrt.

Introducing the client

FEVITA HUNGARY Zrt. is the largest producer of blast-freezing goods in Hungary with an approximately 22% market share. The company’s annual production capacity is over 32,000 tons. Products are sold both on the domestic and foreign markets.


The most important tasks of Com-Forth Kft.

Implementation of a new cooling control system for cold storage depots – extension and deployment of the control technology of the PLC and SCADA systems of Phase 2 of the new cold storage depot (contractor: Hansa Automatiqa Kft.).


The solutions of Com-Forth Kft.

At the 2015 kick-off of the project, an update of the existing PLC applications and extension of the SCADA software were necessary in line with the directives introduced in Phase 1. A GE iFix SCADA system is in operation in the cold storage depot and provides 24/7 management of the environmental conditions control equipment.

As a part of the project, new HMI (Omron NS) and SCADA (GE iFIX) screens were implemented. These interfaces give real time visibility of the data for operators and authorized users can manage the equipment of the cold storage room (evaporative condensers, droplet separators, building services engineering, oil system, etc.). Values read in real time from PLCs (Omron) and performance meters (Schneider Electric) are displayed on these screens and are stored on data collection servers (GE Historian, MS SQL) for later analysis and reporting purposes. Based on the status of the sensors and the values measured/forwarded by them, the system can generate alarms and treat these as a priority. System alarms ensure that if any of the sensors identify values that are near or above the threshold effective corrective/preventive action can be taken immediately.


Planned upgrades

In the current system the SACADA system functions are implemented on a single PC. The SCADA server and the field devices (PLCs) are on the same network.

The goal of the planned upgrade is to increase availability by deploying a new SCADA server that can serve as a failover server for the existing one if needed.

Historical collection of the data read on the SCADA server is performed locally on the currently active SCADA server by default. Stored historical data are archived to a PC available on the office network at intervals predefined by the client. This ensures that the historical data collected by the faulty SCADA server are available on the failover SCADA server if necessary.

As per the client’s request, the two servers have remote access capability provided that the remote computer is installed with VNC client software and the user has a VNC user name and password.


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