iFIX is a leading industrial automation SCADA software from GE. With its excellent reliability, it can be successfully used in the various branches of industry. It is a useful tool for every company (from pharmaceutical manufacturers to oil refineries) that needs to collect, process, and display data and control, regulate, and manage critical manufacturing processes.

iFIX SCADA collects all critical data generated within the whole organization and provides it to operators, decision-makers and the management (HMI) enabling quick and well-founded decisions for maximum efficiency. This is especially true today with the increasing popularity of the High Performance HMI paradigm as well as the growing importance of User Experience (UX) in industrial application.

Its flexible architecture enables future extension with new modules, providing the opportunity for a small starting pack to serve as a foundation for later Industry 4.0 development.

iFIX is recommended for industries where reliability is a key factor, for example pharmaceuticals, the oil and gas industry, water and wastewater management, as well as the food industry.

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